Song of the week 03: Isaac Gracie- All in my Mind 

I’ve just discovered this song and I can’t stop playing it so I thought I would share it! I really love this song and I find both the lyrics and the melody entrancing. I had never heard anything by this artist before but after hearing this beautiful song and his incredible voice I am an instant fan of his. I’m a huge fan of Indie/Alternative rock and I’m always on the look out for new artists to listen to and I’m so happy with this discovery! I will definitely be adding more of his music to my ever growing ITunes library. 

Some of my favourite lyrics from the song include: 

“Talking ain’t as easy when you’re down

I know you know I’m tryin’ to find the words to say

You told me you would always be around

But now you’re gone, I know that we are not okay

I’m so afraid of growing old 

So don’t you go and leave me on my own” 


“Looking for my answers from above

The only home I knew was for me and you”

I’ve inserted a link to the song on YouTube so that you can take a listen or you are interested! 💕

All In My Mind- Isaac Gracie

Song of the week 002: “Cringe”- Matt Maeson (2017)

Song of the week 002: “Cringe”- Matt Maeson (2017)

This weeks song is Cringe by Matt Maeson. I chose this song as a reflection of my week, as I’ve been feeling really down for the past couple days; emotionally, physically, and mentally. I heard this song for the first time a couple weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with it and hearing it makes me feel a little better. Favourite lyrics:

“Lover come over,

Look what I done.

I’ve been alone so long,

I feel like I’m on the run.

Lover come over,

Kick up the dust.

I got a secret,

Starting to rust.”

I love the use of the line “starting to rust” as in the author of the lyrics feels as though he’s been alone for so long that he’s beginning to form rust, like an old piece of iron left to outside to endure the elements.

I think this is song is both well written and upbeat, and It is currently my favourite new discovery.

Youtube Link to the song:

Cringe -Matt Maeson

Wonder Woman: Movie Review ⭐️

Wonder Woman: Movie Review ⭐️

I had heard so many positive things about this movie, so I already had high expectations going into the theatre- this movie however exceeded all my expectations and was even better than I’d hoped it would be! 

Not only did the beautiful Gal Gadot prove herself as an amazing actress, but the cinematography, the story line, and all of the characters were perfectly crafted and the actors who portrayed them were perfectly chosen. My admiration for Chris Pine was only intensified by his role in this movie as the adorable and selfless Steve Trevor and delivers a lot of emotional depth to his character. 

The movie is both light hearted and heavy as it contains a few laughs and memorable comedic moments but also sheds light on heavier topics such as human nature, war, and peace. I feel that in light of current events that have happened in our world today, the movie was released at a perfect time and the topics described in the movie are a perfect reflection on the worlds current situation and the way in which our worlds people treat one another. 

The movie is empowering and feminist without being cheesy or redundant and adds something new to the super hero genre that hasn’t already been done. The important take away from this movie is that the power of belief and of love and compassion for one another can overcome great obstacles in life. 

This is a movie that everyone can enjoy, and the amount of cheering and clapping in the full movie theatre echoed that fact. This is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, and I feel that those who’ve seen it or have yet to see it will feel the same. 


5/5 solid gold stars from me!