OOTD 025: Red Jumpsuit 

Today’s ootd is this gorgeous red jumpsuit that I picked up at Macy’s a while back. Ive had this Jumpsuit for a couple years now and I’m still just as in love with it as I was when I first bought it! Here I’ve paired it with these wedge heeled sandals from Irene’s Story.

OOTD 024: Ruffle Sleeves 

I’ve been seeing these statement sleeve tops around so much lately and I decided to give the trend a shot! I purchased this Ruffle sleeved top at h&m for a mere $17.99! It is perfect to dress up or down and can be perfectly paired with shorts, jeans, or skirts. For today, I chose to pair it with these cute tie up waist black shorts from the store Dynamite. The shoes are black platform sandals from the California store Irene’s Story. I was quite pleased with how this Ruffle top looked tucked into shorts and will definitely be putting it to use with different bottoms as the summer goes on! 

New to my closet: Victoria’s Secret Semi- Annual Sale 

It’s that time of year again! 💕The Victoria’s Secret (and Victoria’s Secret Pink) semi-annual sale is upon us! I am a regular attendee at these sales each year because it’s a good place to stock on bras, undies, workout wear, and sometimes sale clothing! Last year I made two trips to the sale and bought a ton of things! This year however, I decided to shop a little lighter as A) the store was a complete mess and it was nearly impossible to find things in my size and B) I didn’t really need that much this year and I’ve been trying to avoid the whole “buying things just because they’re cheap” mind set. 

I did find a couple cute things for the summer time however, so I thought I’d mention them! 

1. Pineapple 🍍 Body suit. 

I spotted this cute little bodysuit in the clearance section of Victoria’s Secret Pink the moment I walked in the store and luckily as It was the last one of its kind there, it was in my size! It was originally $34.95 Canadian dollars but was on sale for $15.99 which was a great price and it fit me well when I tried it on. I also love tropical/food themed clothing pieces for summer.

2. White Lace Bralette 

This adorable white lace brallete was marked down to a mere $14.99 down from $37.50. As someone with a bralette obsession I needed to own this bralette! I wear bralettes often as they are super comfy (unlike their cousin the Bra) and I can never have too many. 

3. Tropic Beach fragrance Mist

I don’t own much in the way of perfume or scented body spray so I took advantage of the fact that this body mist was $5 down from the original $18.00 price to add some summery scent into my life. This fragrance mist is the perfect mix of fruity and coconut and is perfect for the summer. It is also very subtle smelling as I find that strong perfumes give me a headache.