Supernatural Experience at the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia

I’m someone who has always been attracted to all things creepy, macabre, and paranormal. So whenever I visit a historic city, I always make sure to see their “haunted” places and find out the stories surrounding them. Savannah, Georgia is the perfect place to go ghost hunting because the city is so old and is full of ghost stories of bizarre hangings, murders, and ghosts. Naturally, when I heard about the Sorrel – Weed house and it’s supposed title as the “most haunted house in Savannah” I obviously had to check it out. My mom, aunt, and I decided to take an afternoon tour of the house and grounds. Due to the fact that we visited Savannah in low tourist season, there were only 4 other people on our tour.

The story behind the Sorrel-Weed House haunting: As told by our tour guide, the house was originally built/ owned by shipping merchant Francis Sorrel and his wife Matilda. However, Francis ended up falling in love with one of his slaves Molly and they proceeded to have an affair. When his wife found out about the affair, she jumped from her bedroom second floor balcony into the courtyard below, killing herself. Days after Matilda’s death, Molly was also found dead, hanging from her neck in the servants quarters. Due to this, it is said that both the spirits of Molly and Matilda haunt the house and grounds, especially around the areas of the house where they died. However, there may be more ghosts in the house besides the two ladies as the basement of the house was later used as a surgery, and apparently many men lost their lives there.

The tour started in the Slave quarters, where we got to see Molly’s bedroom.

These photos were taken in the slaves quarters. I didn’t witness anything paranormal there, I just felt a little uneasy.

The basement was next on the tour and it was probably one of the creepiest rooms I’ve ever been in. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the basement, which is really strange because I though I remembered taking pictures there. To set the scene, the basement was very dark and all that was down there was a brick fireplace, an old operating table, and a creepy old wheelchair. It looked like something out of a horror movie about a haunted mental hospital.

While on the second floor of the house, the tour guide took us through a large sitting room/ parlour, and a room that appeared to be a study. It was in the study that I had a very strange experience. My mom and I split from the group because I wanted to hang out inside the study and take some pictures by this very picturesque window.

I sat down in one of the chairs and was waiting for my mom to take a picture of me. Just as my mom snapped the picture, I heard two loud knocks on the window pane right near my head. I got a little bit freaked out by this, and I looked out the window to make sure there was no way for someone to be outside of the window, which there wasn’t as we were on the second floor. I told my mom to take another picture of me, and as soon as my mom pressed the capture button on my phone camera, there were two more loud knocks on the window beside my head. The knocks were clearly from the glass on the window as I could actually see the glass shaking. My mom and I were both a little shaken up after this happened the second time, and you can tell by the look on my face in the picture that was captured when it happened.

Really strange.

The parlour/ sitting room is the one where people report experiencing the most paranormal activity in the home. While we were taking pictures in the sitting room, my mom told me that she was feeling nauseous and really uneasy. The tour guide responded that a lot of people on the guided tours reported experiencing similar feelings in the room.

The front entrance of the house

The sitting room.

I don’t have an explanation for the weird experience I had while at the Sorrel-Weed house but I do know that I will definitely be returning there for the 11:30 PM night time ghost investigation! 👻

Travel Blog: Snapshot of Savannah, Georgia

Travel Blog: Snapshot of Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is easily one of my favourite places in the world. It has everything I could ever want from a city; hundreds of years of history, beautiful old mansions, lofty moss trees, crumbling ancient graveyards, and tons of ghost stories and legends. Essentially, all the makings of my “happy place”.

Here I will share with you some of my best photos of Savannah, Georgia so that you can see for yourself what a gem this city is.

Beautiful Antique shop

View from one of Savannah’s many squares.

Drayton Street in the afternoon.

Beautiful fountain in front of the Old Savannah Cotton Exchange

Walking through one of Savannah’s squares with famous tour guide “Savannah Dan” in the background.

Cathedral of St.John the Baptist

The entrance to Colonial Park Cemetery.

Me standing in front of the famous “Mercer house” that was written about in the book “midnight in the garden of good and evil”

The Mercer House

Beautiful fountain in the Center of one of Savannah’s many squares.

A headstone from the Colonial Cemetery.

Colonial Cemetery.

Inside the beautiful St. John the Baptist church.

The historic River Street Inn by the water front.