OOTD 037: All Tied Up

I just purchased this adorable top from Free People this weekend and the best part was it was on clearance (Yay for balling on a budget). The top was originally priced at 88 CAD but I was able to snag it for 50. 😎 I love the clearance/sale section of Free People, because if you really take your time and search through the sale racks careful, you can really find some gems. I also fell in love with these white boots as well, but sadly I returned home without them as they didn’t come in my size (having tiny feet is hard).


Beauty Post: Mac Liquid Lipstick “Cafe au lait” swatch + try on 

I had purchased this Mac Liquid lipstick some time ago but had completely forgot about it and stuffed it away in the bottom of one of my purses. I recently rediscovered it, and curious I decided to wear it, as I had honestly never even opened it. The colour is called “Cafe au lait” which means “coffee with milk” in French. This makes sense as the product and the colour of the lipstick itself is very much like a light brown. I had never really worn much brown lipstick, aside from the colour “1993” by Urban Decay which is my go to lipstick choice but appears more of a nude than as pure of a brown as this colour. 

This is how the colour looks swatched on my skin tone: 

And this is the colour on my lips: 


Impression: At first I was kinda unsure about whether I liked this shade of brown on my fair complexion, but honestly after letting it settle in, and looking at it in pictures I decided that I did actually really like the way it looked. It’s so different than any other shade that I own, and so unique. 

Wearability: The staying power of this lipstick is amazing, and I ate with it on, and was out for two hours without it smudging or fading. However, I did find the product a bit drying on my lips, but that does tend to happen to me with most liquid lipsticks. 

Overall: I’m shocked by how much I like this shade of coffee brown as it’s a little out of my element! It’s a stunning colour, and very unique but subtle. 

OOTD 036: cut out tee and denim 

Today’s outfit of the day features this Cut out t shirt from Urban Outfitters and this denim frayed skirt from h&m. My shoes are platform wedges from Steve Madden ( which are probably my favourite pair of shoes). 

I’m kind of in love with this outfit, and more specifically this t shirt. I mean can you get any more bad-ass than an eagle soaring through fire? Not likely. This t shirt makes me feel edgy, like I’m part of a biker gang or in a band or something- and I like it. It’s like an upgraded version of my “punk rock-Avril Lavigne inspired- phase” circa 2006/7 and I’m completely fine with that. Also the cut out is great- it adds a little bit of cleavage and makes the t shirt look chic and modern. Very proud of this purchase. 

OOTD 035: Pink top & white jeans 

The weather here has been unseasonably cool and it’s been feeling a lot more like Fall than Summer. I feel like I’ve barely had the chance to wear any shorts. 

Today’s outfit featured these distressed white William Rast jeans and a pink off the shoulder bell sleeve top from Irene’s Story. My shoes are brand new, and part of my upcoming mid July clothing haul post, and are a pair of black suede mules that I recently purchased at Nordstrom by a company called bp.