Daily Prompt: Polish

Daily Prompt: Polish

To them,

I was just another rock.

But you picked me from the pile,

And you polished me.

Until I shone,

Brighter than any diamond.

-Rebecca Vona (me)


Daily Prompt: Uniform

He reminded me

A little of a school uniform,


But a little uncomfortable and rigid,

And hard to make your own.

– Rebecca Vona (me)

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Daily Prompt: Detonate

Daily Prompt: Detonate

Im so quiet

They always told me.

So soft spoken and unassuming.

They mistake it for innocence.

And maybe thats for the best.

Little do they know,

That theres a darkness hiding within me.

And to release it into the world,

Would be to detonate a nuclear bomb.

One that tears up the Earth around it,

Leaving nothing but debris.

-Rebecca Vona (me)