Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Set -swatch & try on 

Can you tell how excited I was about trying these products? : p And yes, that is a Pikachu lurking in the corner.

I was so excited to do this swatch+ try on because I’ve been dying to try Nudestix lip crayons for so long because I had heard amazing things! 

This set contains the colours Pulse, Sin, and Raven.

1. Pulse 

This colour is described as being a gel lip crayon. 

The consistency is gel-like and a bit sticky similar to lip gloss and it is sheer pink with a lot of sparkle. 

It’s very subtle and is similar to the effect of a wearing a shimmery lip gloss. It reminds me of 90s lip gloss which I like. 

2. Sin 

Sin is described as being a matte lip and cheek pencil, though I only applied it to my lips because I’m not sure how it would be applied to cheeks. 

It’s a very pretty shade of nude pink, and is very pigmented and bright! 😍 A perfect nude pink for everyday wear. 

3. Raven 

I already had a feeling I was going to like this colour just from the name alone; and I was right! This crayon is also described as being matte and for the lips and cheeks. This colour is beautiful! It’s a beautiful plum colour with a hint of red and I have an obsession with dark vampy lipstick shades so this is going to be my new favourite. 

Overall I was impressed with these 3 Nudestix products and I’ve already become a fan of the brand; now I want to try more! 

My Top 6 Favourite Hair Care products 

1. Shimmering Lights Conditioner 

The famous “purple shampoo”. This conditioner is one of the best on the market for colour treated blonde or silver coloured hair. I have tried other brands of toning shampoo for blonde hair and nothing else quite measures up to this brand. I like to leave the Conditioner on for a good 5-8 minutes after shampooing as I’ve found that’s the best way to avoid brassinesa and maintain the exact shade of beige blonde I want, as I have a tint of lavender pink at my roots and I like to keep it and not turn it brassy or dull. Its also extremely affordable! 
2. Moroccan oil: 

A Hair staple, especially for colour treated, damaged, or dry hair! It can be applied to both damp and dry hair and smells lovely while giving your hair noticeable shine and smoothness. 
3. Revlon Uniq One hair spray treatment 

This is a great detangling and after shower product for all hair types. As someone with naturally very tangled thin hair, combing after showering often leads to unwanted breakage and hair loss. This product helps me avoid that by smoothing the tangles in my hair out for me before I comb it, allowing me to reduce damage and easily dry and style my hair. 

4. L’Oréal Nourishing Ever Creme 

This product is more of a treatment for hair, and I use it once every couple of weeks in the shower after shampooing and conditioning with my regular products. I apply it to my ends and leave it in for about 10 minutes, and each time I end up with much softer, less tangled hair. 

5. Davines Oi Shampoo 

For all hair types, this Shampoo is amazing and washing with it twice per use keeps my hair incredibly soft, which is a Godsend as my hair is normally very brittle at the ends from years of bleach and hair dye exposure. The product is made with Roucou oil to keep hair soft. I absolutely love this brand and have tried other Shampoo lines of theirs and they always impress. 

6. Matrix Biolage Nourish Conditioner

This company using only all natural ingredients in their products, and this product is no different with an infusion of coconut oil and kaolin clay. It is good for all hair types but works best on dry hair as it adds a lot of moisture and softness. It also smells incredible! 

7 Beach/ Poolside Essentials 

1. Sunnies 

A cute pair of sunglasses is of course an essential when you’re spending hours in the hot sun! 

This cute pair is by a company called Luxottica. 
2. Bikini /bathing suit 

These are a couple of my favourite bikini tops! The pink one is from h&m and the palm print one is from Victoria’s Secret Pink. One pieces are also very big this season, however I have yet to purchase one.
3. Sun hat 

This one was purchased from Forever 21
4. Cover up

This grey and pink pinstripe dress cover up was purchased online at Just Fab Shoes.

I tend to use this beautiful kimono from Urban Outfitters as a cover up. 

5. Pool Slides 

This adorable pair of grey fluffy pool slides are super comfortable and are by a company called Qupido. 

6. Beach Tote bag 

This pretty tribal print wicker beach bag is from the store Lucky Brand and is the perfect size for snacks, magazines, books, and other beach essentials.

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

This little speaker is the perfect size for travel, whether for the beach, cottage, or just for lounging in the backyard. It is also waterproof so you don’t need to worry about accidentally splashing water on it! It is by a company called Fugoo and retails for about $80 Online. 

Top 4 favourite Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks swatch & try on 

The “Vice” Lipstick line by Urban Decay is my favourite of all time. Not only are there tons of beautiful colours to choose from, but the quality of the product is amazing as well as the incredibly affordable price of the lipsticks (only 21 dollars Canadian each). These 4 shades from the collection are must have colours! 
1. Carnal- Comfort Matte 

The perfect dark nude matte colour! This is 100% a staple lipstick shade. 
2. 1993- brown comfort matte 

This is the perfect 90s tribute-too bad it wasn’t called 1994 😝(my year). I have an obsession with 90s style brown nude lipsticks and this one is the King. 
3. Tampered – Dark Comfort Matte 

This colour is like 1993 but with a berry accent to it. 
4. Conspiracy- Metallized 

Beauty Post: Top 5 favourite lip glosses/balms 

This is a small list of some of my favourite non-lipstick lip balms and glosses. 

1. Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm

I absolutely love this stuff- from the adorable classic looking packaging to the way it feels on my lips. This menthol lip balm offers the cool feel of mint as well as a lot of moisture and it leaves your lips feeling refreshed and soothed. I apply this product constantly throughout the day and it is a must have Purse staple!

2. Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish 

This product calls itself a “lip polish” but essentially it’s a lip balm/treatment that when applied to lips gives a healing and cooling effect. The product is made with Apricot oil for lip softness,Grapefruit oil which is an antioxidant rich fruit, and Shea butter for extra nourishment. The Grapefruit oil actually gives the lips a plumping effect as well which is an added bonus. 

3. Too Faced Sweet Peach lip gloss 

I originally received a small sample size of this product as part of a Sephora promotion and I fell in love with it and had to have the full size lip gloss. Not only does this product have the most amazing Sweet Peach smell and taste, it is also super moisture rich and shiny and leaves lips feeling smooth. It is also tinted and comes in a few different shades ranging from a very light pink to a darker nude colour. The one I own is the shade Peach Fuzz but I am dying to get my hands on the shade Papa Don’t Peach which is a darker shade and seems to be the most popular.

4. Burts Bees Lip Balm in Wild Cherry 

This is just a classic wholesome product. A basic staple that everyone should own. Also it’s cherry and everyone knows that cherry Chapstick is the best kind~ ask Katy Perry. 😝 This stuff tastes delicious.. oh yes and it’s also great for your lips.

5. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm 

I know I’ve mentioned this product before in a previous post but I can’t stop singing it praises! It is so moisturizing and it also tints your lips slightly red and smells/tastes amazing as well. Super hydrating and all natural! 

Beauty Post: Currently Obsessed with this nail colour 

Beauty Post: Currently Obsessed with this nail colour 

I know people say change is good.. but after getting the same nail colour 3 times now I’m going to have to disagree with that statement. 😝 

The colour is “Tiramisu for Two” by O.P.I. which is an adorable name- however I’m more of a Tiramisu for one girl because I don’t like to share when dessert food is involved. 🙃 The colour is a beige/ pale rose gold hue, and it makes my nails look so dainty and pretty that I can’t get enough.

I’ve also recently found it oddly satisfying to take pictures of my freshly manicured nails against flowers and other foliage- I just think the contrast of natural and man made is so pretty.