Welcome to my blog! : )

I’m a 22 year old girl with a shopping addiction who wishes the world was as cheery as a 1950s sitcom. I’m an avid animal lover, tea drinker, book reader, world traveller, and horror movie enthusiast. I have an obsession with cute stationary, bad puns, all things creepy/macabre, and vintage knick knacks. I have a passion for writing, and I have been putting together short stories and poems since I was a child. I also have a passion for singing and acting and have starred in many small musical productions like Annie and The Sound of Music. I have an obsession with the past (Im convinced I was born in the wrong decade) and I like to collect remnants of other times, like old photographs, and explore old buildings and abandoned places.

In this blog my goal is to share with you everything I love and all that inspires, interests, and moves me .

10 Facts about me:

  1. One of my favourite movies is Pretty in Pink.
  2. One day Id like to live in a big old house (preferably one with a couple ghosts).
  3. Halloween is my favourite holiday.
  4. My family is from Italy but I was born/raised in Canada.
  5. My favourite dessert foods are pumpkin pie & shortbread cookies.
  6. My favourite season is Fall.
  7. Im really tiny (5’0).
  8. Im currently completing my Undergraduate degree in Psychology.
  9. My dog is basically my child/favourite non-person person ever.
  10. My favourite colour is green.


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One thought on “/About/

  1. Hi there

    Great site!! ☕
    I’d like you to be a guest writer for my blog ALL-IN-ONE. Visit the link: Allinone21.wordpress. com

    PLEASE send me your email address to discuss further?

    Kind regards
    Kelly Matthee
    South African blogger

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