OOTD 034: 1960’s inspired outfit 

I’ve been inspired by the mid 1960s era fashion this week, and to pay tribute I put together a somewhat retro looking outfit. Having already done my makeup and my hair up real big beauty queen style ( had to throw in a Lana Del Rey reference), I tried to pair together items that I felt had a “timeless chic” feel to them, and ended up pairing this off the shoulder white ruched top from h&m with a pair of black and white striped shorts from Brandy Melville. The strappy black shoes are one of my favourites and they are from Steve Madden. I have an undying love for these Brandy Melville shorts because they are absolutely adorable! They are shorts that give the appearance of a skirt ( a skort I believe?) and they are one of the comfiest things I own. I decided to accessorize my hair by using this cute black and white polka dot hair bow that I had bought at American Apparel years ago and I think it actually went quite well with the look.

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