Beauty Post: Makeup of the day- 1960s inspired makeup look 

I’ve been meaning to do some retro inspired makeup and outfit looks for some time now and I finally managed to throw a little 60s style look together.

I’ve always had a huge love for history, especially history pertaining to human lifestyle and fashion and in particular I am transfixed with Victorian era fashion as well as fashion of the early 20th to mid 20th century or from the 1900s-1960s.

I decided to try my hand at a mid 60s “Twiggy”/mod inspired eye makeup look because I love the dramatic drawn on lower eyelashes and the line of black liner on the inner crease of the eyelid that I’ve seen in so many 60s era fashion photos like the one below.

I drew my inspiration from Twiggy, Sharon Tate, and Brigitte Bardot and I tried my hand at a very simple 60s inspired look.

For the makeup: I used a Stila liquid eyeliner pen to draw in tiny lines under my own lower lashes- which it turned out is actually quite difficult and some of my lines came out looking more like dots. I then used the same liquid eyeliner to give myself a slight cat eye, and an eyeliner pencil in black to draw a slight line across my inner eyelid crease.

The result:

I was actually really happy with how it turned out and with the way the makeup looked on me.. this might have to become an everyday thing from now on!

Hair: for the hair, I decided to go for the teased bouffant look that Sharon Tate and Brigitte Bardot used to rock. It was very simple to recreate this as I only really needed to back comb and tease the top layer of my hair a few times and then secure it with a few hair pins. Et Voila! I will upload a second post about the 60s themed outfit I paired the makeup look with. 💕

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