Food Post: The best Non-Dairy Ice cream brand ever! 

I’ve been meaning to brag about this ice cream company for a couple weeks now because once I discovered this products frosty goodness, I felt it was my duty to enlighten humanity about its existence. Ok, so as a lactose-intolerant person, It’s really hard watching everyone enjoy ice cream in the summer knowing that I can’t have any without feeling getting sick. So, when I found this miracle product So Delicious dairy free Ice Cream- I was overjoyed.

I’m on my third tub of ice cream already in two weeks.. (no judgement). Which just exemplifies how great this stuff is. It’s made with either cashew milk or coconut milk depending on the flavour and is 100% dairy free- which is perfect if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant or both.

I’ve tried two flavours of the brands ice cream- Cinnamon Cookie Dough and Caramel cluster. Both are amazing-BUT cinnamon cookie dough has now become my favourite food on this planet. I’m not kidding- the moment that it first hit my mouth I was in heaven. Nothing has ever tasted so good in my life- I might be bias because I love cinnamon and I love cookie dough ice cream so when you combine both for me – it’s basically the perfect food.

There is clearly a reason the company is called So Delicious. I’m honestly so happy that I can now devour tubs of ice cream like my former lactose intolerant child self did. And it is also the best thing I’ve ever tasted which only makes this so much better.

I seriously recommend checking this brand out and trying their flavours- you won’t be dissapointed. I bought this product both at a local health food store as well as a regular grocery store as well.

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