Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Set -swatch & try on 

Can you tell how excited I was about trying these products? : p And yes, that is a Pikachu lurking in the corner.

I was so excited to do this swatch+ try on because I’ve been dying to try Nudestix lip crayons for so long because I had heard amazing things! 

This set contains the colours Pulse, Sin, and Raven.

1. Pulse 

This colour is described as being a gel lip crayon. 

The consistency is gel-like and a bit sticky similar to lip gloss and it is sheer pink with a lot of sparkle. 

It’s very subtle and is similar to the effect of a wearing a shimmery lip gloss. It reminds me of 90s lip gloss which I like. 

2. Sin 

Sin is described as being a matte lip and cheek pencil, though I only applied it to my lips because I’m not sure how it would be applied to cheeks. 

It’s a very pretty shade of nude pink, and is very pigmented and bright! 😍 A perfect nude pink for everyday wear. 

3. Raven 

I already had a feeling I was going to like this colour just from the name alone; and I was right! This crayon is also described as being matte and for the lips and cheeks. This colour is beautiful! It’s a beautiful plum colour with a hint of red and I have an obsession with dark vampy lipstick shades so this is going to be my new favourite. 

Overall I was impressed with these 3 Nudestix products and I’ve already become a fan of the brand; now I want to try more! 

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