My Top 6 Favourite Hair Care products 

1. Shimmering Lights Conditioner 

The famous “purple shampoo”. This conditioner is one of the best on the market for colour treated blonde or silver coloured hair. I have tried other brands of toning shampoo for blonde hair and nothing else quite measures up to this brand. I like to leave the Conditioner on for a good 5-8 minutes after shampooing as I’ve found that’s the best way to avoid brassinesa and maintain the exact shade of beige blonde I want, as I have a tint of lavender pink at my roots and I like to keep it and not turn it brassy or dull. Its also extremely affordable! 
2. Moroccan oil: 

A Hair staple, especially for colour treated, damaged, or dry hair! It can be applied to both damp and dry hair and smells lovely while giving your hair noticeable shine and smoothness. 
3. Revlon Uniq One hair spray treatment 

This is a great detangling and after shower product for all hair types. As someone with naturally very tangled thin hair, combing after showering often leads to unwanted breakage and hair loss. This product helps me avoid that by smoothing the tangles in my hair out for me before I comb it, allowing me to reduce damage and easily dry and style my hair. 

4. L’Oréal Nourishing Ever Creme 

This product is more of a treatment for hair, and I use it once every couple of weeks in the shower after shampooing and conditioning with my regular products. I apply it to my ends and leave it in for about 10 minutes, and each time I end up with much softer, less tangled hair. 

5. Davines Oi Shampoo 

For all hair types, this Shampoo is amazing and washing with it twice per use keeps my hair incredibly soft, which is a Godsend as my hair is normally very brittle at the ends from years of bleach and hair dye exposure. The product is made with Roucou oil to keep hair soft. I absolutely love this brand and have tried other Shampoo lines of theirs and they always impress. 

6. Matrix Biolage Nourish Conditioner

This company using only all natural ingredients in their products, and this product is no different with an infusion of coconut oil and kaolin clay. It is good for all hair types but works best on dry hair as it adds a lot of moisture and softness. It also smells incredible! 

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