OOTD 015 and The Social TV show 

Today’s ootd look was a little extra special because today my mom and I got the chance to be a part of the live audience on the Canadian talk show The Social. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the show as the audience for each episode is very small- about 50 people chosen. I had never been in a live TV show audience before and it was very interesting getting to see what happens behind the television and all the set movement and production effort that goes into the making of a single episode. 
I was also happy because I was very interested in the topics being discussed on the show today which included: the controversial issue of Zoos and whether they are harmful for animals or beneficial, Pets and how they invade our privacy ( which I have personal experience with as my dog tries to follow me into the shower 😝), and some fitness advice. 
Also, today’s episode featured the stunning men from the Magic Mike themed show called Magic Men, who graced us with their presence (shirtless, I might add), and showed off some of their more PG rated moves ( its live TV after all). It was a very high energy crowd with us today especially for the Magic Men sequence 😝. 
After the show we had the opportunity to take pictures with two of the 4 women on the talk show: Melissa Grelo and Cynthia Loyst 

Above is a picture of my mother and I waiting to take our seats inside the set. 

Here’s a picture of us with two of the lovely women on the show. 

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