Beauty Post: Top 5 favourite lip glosses/balms 

This is a small list of some of my favourite non-lipstick lip balms and glosses. 

1. Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm

I absolutely love this stuff- from the adorable classic looking packaging to the way it feels on my lips. This menthol lip balm offers the cool feel of mint as well as a lot of moisture and it leaves your lips feeling refreshed and soothed. I apply this product constantly throughout the day and it is a must have Purse staple!

2. Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish 

This product calls itself a “lip polish” but essentially it’s a lip balm/treatment that when applied to lips gives a healing and cooling effect. The product is made with Apricot oil for lip softness,Grapefruit oil which is an antioxidant rich fruit, and Shea butter for extra nourishment. The Grapefruit oil actually gives the lips a plumping effect as well which is an added bonus. 

3. Too Faced Sweet Peach lip gloss 

I originally received a small sample size of this product as part of a Sephora promotion and I fell in love with it and had to have the full size lip gloss. Not only does this product have the most amazing Sweet Peach smell and taste, it is also super moisture rich and shiny and leaves lips feeling smooth. It is also tinted and comes in a few different shades ranging from a very light pink to a darker nude colour. The one I own is the shade Peach Fuzz but I am dying to get my hands on the shade Papa Don’t Peach which is a darker shade and seems to be the most popular.

4. Burts Bees Lip Balm in Wild Cherry 

This is just a classic wholesome product. A basic staple that everyone should own. Also it’s cherry and everyone knows that cherry Chapstick is the best kind~ ask Katy Perry. 😝 This stuff tastes delicious.. oh yes and it’s also great for your lips.

5. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm 

I know I’ve mentioned this product before in a previous post but I can’t stop singing it praises! It is so moisturizing and it also tints your lips slightly red and smells/tastes amazing as well. Super hydrating and all natural! 

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