Afternoon Tea in Toronto

The perfect way -in my opinion- to spend a Sunday when the weather still isn’t quite warm, is stuffing my face with dessert food and drinking cups of warm tea by the fireplace. However, whats better than this, is drinking hot tea from beautifully decorated tea cups in a Victorian dining room. The Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto offers just that. Here, from the comfort of plush, patterned fabric sofas, you can choose from a large menu of tea selections- from green tea to roobois to chai-while you dive into a 3 tier tray of blueberry scones, mini chocolate cakes, and small finger foods. The entire experience makes you feel like royalty.

There are two tea rooms in the Windsor Arms Hotel; the first room is vibrantly decorated with pastel blues, pinks, and greens and has more of a warm, comforting atmosphere. The second room has a more elegant and polished feel to it, with deep purple almost black walls, velvety purple armchairs, an elaborate fireplace and giant chandelier. Both rooms are absolutely beautiful, and every table has its own unique set of matching teacups, teapots, and saucers.

Image of one of the tea rooms.          The 3 tier food tray, which contained blueberry and lemon scones, small finger foods such as mini spinach rolls, and small cakes and desserts in the top tier.


We went as a group of 4 which was nice because it gave us the chance to each choose one kind of tea (which comes in one of the beautifully painted teapots) and then pass them around so that we could each try all four teas.

Tea Recommendations:

“Once Upon A Tea”: a rooibos tea blended with fruit, mint, chocolate, and vanilla.

“Eve’s Temptation”: really sweet and smells amazing, very fruity with apple and mango

“Passion & Envy”: sweet passion fruit tea

“Chai Arms”: A classic chai black tea with cinnamon and ginger.


The Outfit: 

I wore Black lace shorts with a velvet crop top and knee high black boots.

To book your own tea seating, you can visit the Windsor Arms Hotel website

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