A little bit of H(a)i(r)story:

     Lets be real, Ive always been an advocate for blonde hair. I started highlighting my hair bit by bit from about the age of 14, and what started as a couple of small highlights eventually became a full head. My hair has been through a lot in my 22 years of life-especially in my high school days. In high school I was basically a chameleon- I dyed my hair a multitude of colours from different shades of brown, to fire engine Red, to dark purple, to black. I also took on many different hair lengths as well, going back and forth from shoulder length to long, and even getting cheap clip in extensions at one point. I even cut myself a full set of bangs at one point- which was a complete trainwreck. But to be quite honest; Ive never felt better or more myself than I do as a blonde. You can call it the whole cliche “blondes have more fun” thing, but really I think blonde just suits me. Although Ive been getting highlights every 5 months or so for the last 4/5 years- nothing prepared me for becoming a platinum blonde. I always associated platinum blonde with pin up girls and bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani, and I always wanted to try it but I was mainly scared off by the thought of ‘ruining’ my hair and the thought of all the maintenance that would need to go into it.

You’d think going from semi blonde to blonder wouldn’t be so shocking but I basically endured what can only be described as a mini panic attack from the change. I think its because I didn’t quite realize just how light platinum blonde really is- Im practically one tiny step away from being Ice Queen Elsa white.

This is what my hair looked like BEFORE the colour:

My highlights had become very grown out before my hair appointment, and there was a lot of my natural brown colour coming through.

The Process: 

The process itself is by far the longest I’ve ever been through in a hair salon. The amount of steps and time it takes to bleach a full head of hair is insane. First my hair dresser put bleach on the bottom of my hair, let it sit and then washed it out. When it dried that first time, it was a bright yellow colour which made me feel like a comic book character or a cartoon.

Transition phase

Then she applied bleach just to my roots and allowed it to sit before washing it off and drying it again. After that second round of bleaching, she applied a toner to my entire head while I laid my head in the sink. And let me tell you- that toner burnt like hell. After she had toned it twice more, she washed it for the last time before she  prepared it for the big reveal. The entire process took about 3 hours, which Ive heard is actually pretty good, considering most people need more than two rounds of bleaching to get their hair completely blonde.

After/Finished Product/Grand Finale:

When I first saw my hair I had a bit of anxiety, because I hadn’t expected it to be so white. I felt like Draco Malfoy’s twin sister, and I wasn’t 100% sure that I was ok with that, so when my hair stylist asked if I liked it I answered “Im not sure”. And honestly I really wasn’t. It also didn’t help that my parents were both super and obviously not fans of my new look.

Fast forward 3 days, and I can honestly say that after giving myself time to get used to my drastic new look, I think I love it. Its way lighter than anything Ive ever had before, and ya it does kind of look white, but It also makes me feel a bit like some kind of ethereal fairy goddess, and I really like all the positive feedback Ive been getting from my friends and family members.

So far, I rank the whole experience pretty highly and Im happy that I decided to do something that Id been thinking about for so long – I mean if you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to a hair colour/style then maybe its a sign that you should try it out.




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