[LIFESTYLE]: What’s in my school bag?

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IMG_8769                   I know school has been back in session for a couple of weeks already (here at least), and if you’re a university or college student like I

My school bag is a Vince Camuto leather back pack, that I found at Macy’s. It’s

IMG_8767The things I find crucial to have with me in my school bag:

  1. Gum– this is a life essential!
  2. IPad mini– I got tired of lugging around my laptop for note taking so I opted for this smaller more portable alternative. I type my notes on the Microsoft Word App and then email them to myself later to print. Also useful for watching Netflix on breaks,(or in class) My IPad is fitted with a rose gold case that I purchased at Kate Spade.
  3. Wallet-its obviously a good idea to carry some change for food and drink buying. My wallet is rose gold and I purchased it at Kate Spade. 
  4. Pencil Case– I found this leather Betsey Johnson pencil case at Macy’s
  5. Cute Notebooks– optional- I usually only bring a single notebook for classes like statistics where I have to copy down equations.
  6. Planner– This is a complete must have for me because without it I would lose track of everything. I got this adorable parisian themed planner at the book store Chapters. 
  7. Snacks-I can’t stress the importance of bringing along snacks; Im always hungry, and I wouldn’t be able to sit through 3 hour lectures without eating a bit of something. My favourite small, portable snacks are; packaged wasabi peas, quoinea cookies, trail mixes, granola/protein bars, and animal crackers (because you can never be too old to enjoy animal crackers).
  8. Headphones-Essential- especially if your commute to school involves several buses and/or subway stops.
  9. Charger-a definite necessity because my phone is perpetually dying and thankfully most lecture halls have outlets.
  10. Lipgloss, Lip Liner & Foundation– I only carry these three makeup items with me for the purpose of touching up my makeup if the need be.
Lipgloss, Stila foundation, and MAC lipliner in the colour Staunchly Stylish
Adorable monthly planner

Betsey Johnson pencil case
Betsey Johnson pencil case


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