Why coloring books are not just for kids

So recently, theres been a renewed interest in coloring books, and specificly coloring books designed for adults. Coloring- which is something Ive always loved to do- is not just a fun way to pass the time it turns out that its also good for your health and mental well bieng. The reason why alot of adults have decided to pick up the hobby is because It helps with stress and anxiety. Coloring allows us to enter into an almost meditative state and gives us the ability to silence our otherwise very busy mind. Alot of people deal with stress and anxiety on a regular basis and in todays busy society coloring provides a cheap, easy mental escape.

Im really happy that this trend is becoming so popular because I think its important for us to work on our creativity daily and to be able to practice simple things like coloring and art so that we can clear our minds a little.

Ive purchased a few coloring. books myself, but there are so many available now and I feel like i need to own them all. This amazing coloring book that I recently purchased is titled “enchanted forest” and it contains the most intricately drawn beautiful images Ive ever seen. The pictures look like images out of a fairytale and its almost too pretty to color.

The author Johanna Basford also created 2 other equally beautiful coloring books Lost Ocean and Secret Garden. The artwork in these books is exquisite. My favourite images in these books are the animals.

There’s also some pretty funny “strictly adult” coloring books like the appropriately named Coloring for Grown-Ups. This book takes the challenges of modern adulthood and brilliantly turns them into coloring activities. Innapropriate and witty this adult activity book provides both stress relief and comic relief.

an accurate representation of my future

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