Boston Day 3: Salem!

Since hearing about the Salem witch trials when I was younger, I had always wanted to go to Salem. It had always sounded like a haunting, magical place. Salem was everything I had expected it to be. Beautiful giant historic homes, occult shops, and museums. I have been interested in the occult since I was about 12 or 13 so to me this place was absolutely perfect. There were numerous shops selling crystals, spirit boards, tarot cards, and tons of books on the witch trials, ghosts, and the practice of Wicca. I bought a book on spirit boards because I own one, and a book on spells. I also purchased my own set of tarot cards because I’ve always been interested in trying them out and in learning how to interpret and read them. We ate breakfast at this gorgeous old restaurant called Red’s Sandwich Shop and the food was amazing! If you are ordering the pancakes I recommend you order just one as they are huge. Here’s a picture of one order of pancakes so you can see what I mean:

Giant awesome pancake

 We were able to split this one order between 4 people and it was delicious. I ordered the vegetable omelette for myself as well and it was really good. 

Salem Trolly Tour

Afterwards, we took a trolley tour of the city. The tour guide- who was a recent history studies graduate-was very knowledgable and informative about Salem’s history and it was obvious that he had a genuine passion for it. I learned a lot from him that I did not know about Salem;I had thought that accused witches in Salem were burned at the stake, but in reality they were hung and no one was “burned alive” in Salem, and apparently the “burning” of witches only occurre in Europe. I also learned that 19 people and 2 dogs were hung for witchcraft during the trials.Yes- even dogs!

As I learned, It wasn’t very hard to be “accused” of witchcraft in 1692- some reasons you would have been considered a “witch” include: 

  1. Bieng a woman
  2. Having red hair
  3. Having different coloured eyes
  4. Bieng middle aged
  5. Bieng of low social status 
  6. Having any kind of mark (birth mark, growth,injury) that could be seen as a sign of your association with “evil forces”
One of the witch museums in Salem

I also learned that the Parker Brothers grew up in Salem and turned a board game from their childhood into the Monopoly board game that we all know today. We were shown the home the Parker brothers had lived in as well as the site of the original Monopoly production factory. The Parker brother’s also modelled the board game Clue after an actual murder that occurred in a Salem mansion! They also based the floorplan of the house in the game Clue off of the floorplan of said mansion!

Clue Mansion

 “Dead Horse Beach” was rightfully named this as people used to bury their dead horses in the sand here- although the they kept resurfacing-.

We passed by so many beautiful old mansions, that I wish I could live in. Some we were told, had 20 bedrooms and over 7 bathroom’s! My dream is to own an old home like this one day and decorate it completely with antique furniture.

My personal favourite

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  1. You have done an excellent job in your portrayal of this wonderful city! I love Boston for its history, architecture and vast amount of shopping and restaurants experiences!

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