Day 2 in Boston

my second day in Boston consisted of copious amounts of walking and a bit of light shopping. We started our day bright and early and by 9:30 am we took the long walk along what is known as ‘The Freedom Trail’ a scenic route that takes you by many of Boston’s significant historical locations. It begins at the Boston Commons a beautiful expansive public park, which has been there since 1634 making it the oldest public park in the United States.The park had a colorful past, including once being the site of public hangings, and features many statues and large ancient trees.

Statue ft. my brother

Also on the trail was the Granary Burying Ground- this was my favourite attraction on the trail- I know it’s a bit morbid and odd but I have a love of old cemeteries. Not only do I find them peaceful and tranquil places but important markers of history as well. I love history,and reading old headstones allows me a small glimpse into the past and into the identity of people from another time that I would otherwise know nothing about. The cemetery was large and comprised of head stones dating from the 17-1800’s, many so faded that they were illegible. Giant old trees were scattered throughout the cemetery casting shade over the stones and making for a tranquil beautiful view.


Other sights we passed on the trail include the Old State House, and the Quincy Market. The Quincy Market was bustling with activity, from street performers,to cafes and restaurants, as well as numerous clothing stores. I found myself trying on 29 things at the giant Urban Outfitters here- but could only afford 5.

Old State House
Quincy Market

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