The Radleys Book Review

The Radleys

Not your typical vampire story.

The Radleys
The Radleys

From the moment I read the first page of this book, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it back down until I had read it cover to cover. I read through this book in about a day and half because I literally could not pull my eyes away from it. This novel begins by introducing a seemingly normal, upper middle class English family, with their seemingly normal dramas and dysfunctions, but everything quickly begins to deteriorate and we learn that the parents have been keeping a gruesome secret from their two children. As the families two teenage children find out, their parents are vampires, meaning they themselves are vampires as well. Their parent have been “abstaining” or avoiding the drinking of blood in order to try and give their children a ‘normal life’. However, once the children learn of their true nature, everything changes. This book is not just a vampire story but mixes aspects of romance, family, and also has elements of a ‘coming of age’ story for the teenage characters in the novel. This book takes what we’ve read about vampires and twists it in new and interesting ways. The idea of vampires being essentially ‘normal’ individuals for example, and facing everyday struggles such as school bullies,jobs, and movie dates is a concept that intrigued me and made this novel unlike any other vampire novel I’ve read. 5/5 stars : )



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